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Michael Crain Entrepreneurial Scholarships


Must follow all directions to the letter.

Must submit the entire packet including the online Scholarship Application AND the requested requirements below.

Must submit your entire completed packet for the Fall Semester by 11:59 PM, Wednesday, July 31st.

Step 1

Scholarship Packet Preparation

Completed when,

1. you have submitted the online application form,

2. drafted your 1,000 word entrepreneur paper, attached your resume, and your most recent school transcript.

  • Click HERE to answer the online application, then submit the required items below. (BOTH ARE REQUIRED)

  • Explain your vision and interest in becoming an entrepreneur. (1,000 words)

    • Cover page is recommended. 

    • Describe yourself, tell us who you are, likes and dislikes. 

    • What were your most significant challenges you have overcome in both life and school?

    • What are your greatest accomplishments?

    • Community - Do you volunteer, work with the district, a church, or a nonprofit.

    • What would this scholarship mean to you?

  • Enclose your Résumé.

  • Enclose your most recent transcript to verify GPA.

Step 2

Upload your ENTIRE Packet  >>Below<<

Completed when, you have received a notification that we have received your packet.

If you did not receive a notification, please contact us to let us know. 

432-247-8840 or info@bamconsutling.com

Scholarship Application

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