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Welcome to BAM BizHUB

BAM Biz Hub

Through BAM BizHUB, a 501c3, the Michael Crain Entrepreneurial Foundation emphasizes diversity and inclusivity to foster innovation and build a strong entrepreneurial community. 

We turn entrepreneurial dreams into reality by providing education, mentorship, and essential resources, while remaining committed to the small business community. Our approach is structured and practical, offering tailored and inspiring support to each entrepreneur.
  • B²Hub Accelerator

Is an Entrepreneurial Curriculum that takes the future or current business owner from thought to launch, from ideation to commercialization, to craft a unique and differentiated business model specific to the person and the business. 

  • Mentorship

We offer mentorship connections with industry specific experts. These appointments are subject to availability and scheduling of the mentors. 

  • Michael Crain Entrepreneurial Scholarships

High School & Early College Scholarships for students 17 years of age or older, currently a Sr. in high school or first or second year in college with a minimum GPA of 2.75, live in the Permian Basin, and pursuing an associate or bachelor's degree in the field of Marketing, Accounting, Management, or Finance.  

  • Micro-Grants

We offer funding to startups and early stage businesses to support our mentorship program. 

  • Podcast - BAM BIZ TALK

Our podcast deep dives into the obstacles, struggles, successes, and triumphs that local entrepreneurs and business owners face and overcome. Contact us if you know of a business owner you'd like to see on our podcast!


Taking your business to the next level



B  HUB Accelerator

Take advantage of BAM Consulting's startup support services and receive the guidance you need to achieve your business goals. Whether you're just getting started or looking to grow and expand your business, our team is here to provide you with personalized assistance that's tailored to your specific needs.


Michael Crain Entrepreneurial Scholarships

SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENTS: Must complete the Scholarship Application and follow directions to the letter.

​Step 1: Scholarship Packet Preparation

  • DOWNLOAD the scholarship application, complete, and submit with your packet.

    • Or, click HERE to answer the online application, then submit the required items below. (optional) 

  • Explain your vision and interest in becoming an entrepreneur. (1,000 words)

    • Cover page is recommended, but not a requirement. 

    • Describe yourself, tell us who you are, likes and dislikes. 

    • What were your most significant challenges you have overcome in both life and school?

    • What are your greatest accomplishments?

    • Community - Do you volunteer, work with the district, a church, or a nonprofit.

    • What would this scholarship mean to you?

  • Enclose your Résumé.

  • Enclose your most recent transcript to verify GPA.

Step 2: Upload your ENTIRE Packet >> Below <<

The uploaded file name should have your first and last name without spaces. Submit as a Word Document.  (Example: JaneSmith.doc)

Scholarship Application


More to come...

We are working hard to bring more accessible support through options like Micro-Grants and more Scholaships. If you or your organization/business want to be a donor and support the future of Bam BizHUB click the button below.

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