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Refine what is Possible, Give Shape to the Future - Achieve the Expectations

Develop Business Strategies in Midland, Odessa or  Dallas, TX

BAM Consulting is focused on action-oriented results to generate a master plan that details essential objectives consistent with benchmarks to obtain a competitive advantage. Several of our approaches combine cost and product differentiation, collectively with growth strategies to strengthen the business foundation. The advancement is imperative to a linear sequence that articulates the essential business goals relevant to both sustainability and scalability. 

​We are a partner in your journey with a progressive approach to extending vital resources to promote unique products for a diverse market segment while distinguishing your business from the competition. The team remains dedicated and proficient in distinct variances in the marketplace that incorporate principles of economics and shifting in market dynamics.  

Our analysis requires interpreting essential revenue streams to discover which markets remain profitable that drives opportunity cost, increases market penetration, and evaluates product

effectiveness to assure market expansion and diversification to empower growth. The interpretation includes a high-level evaluation of the current market share established by product resolution, the ability to generate new market segments, including the potential to enter into supplementary markets.


Our service begins with comprehending the organizational mission, the core purpose of existence, defining product value, and examine the vision that outlines expected outcomes signifying success. Our team focuses on solutions, builds the necessary resources, and applies their expertise to improve market share while acknowledging market diversity. 

Developing a strategic plan consists of in-depth research, acknowledging direct/indirect competition in comparisons to establishing a compelling value proposition, revealing distinct short-falls, and determine predictable results from appropriate objectives. The process involves a clear explanation of the day-to-day operations, profiles connecting to prospective customers, price points, method of payment, planning word-of-mouth advertising, means of generating referrals, and creating organic social media opportunities.
The progress of planning identifies your strategic position, financial health, a series of long-term goals with an action plan defining expected benchmarks while facilitating the necessary procedures to measure improvement. 


The foundation suggests that business owners accept change as the process is inevitable while embracing a positive attitude.  The process demands modification of an existing product to create multiple channels that influence diverse customer segments. The adaptation strategy intends to strengthen the ability to export products and adheres to the local cultural and regulatory obligations. 

Adapting demands expansion across a globe landscape described in a strategic business plan that evaluates the business needs, and determined by objectives to secure specific outcomes. Research is mandatory to identify international markets and methods of distributing abroad. 

Other types of short-falls include outdated brands that indicate a failure when speaking to new customers, consequently requiring improvement to maintain significance.  The development to adapt is relevant to resilience, empowering a platform to manage future risk, prioritizing, and coordinating necessary action.

While the organization remains flexible, businesses need to proceed cautiously when adapting to market demands while carefully executing strengths, empowering resources, applying knowledge, and deploying essential skills. 




Capital or financial assets are, at times, needed to produce goods or services that rely on cash flow and often to maintain operations. Businesses are known for selling equity or ownership to obtain a financial investment.


We have venture capital (VC) funding for early-stage development or emerging opportunities for high growth potential. Our VCs provide valuable guidance, expertise, and useful networks while providing a chance to grow or penetrate new markets. Our local Angel Investors enable businesses with loans at low-interest rates relevant to the owner(s) commitment and portfolio advancements. 

Banking partners are processing loans with a credit score of 580, and assuming a 4.75% Market Prime Rate, loan rates (7a) start at 7%, CDC/504 start at 3.63% to 6.112% and Microloans rates begin at 6.5% to 13%.  For more loan rates, click HERE


The methodology of scaling a business remains challenging when dealing with both sales signifying average return on investment and marketing expenditures, implying a dangerous total cost of ownership. The process requires identifying methods to grow, increase cash flow, and establishing a fruitful sales funnel conceptualized to maintaining multiple revenue streams.  

Growth may require a customer management system to track transactions, understand product trends, establishing stronger customer relationships, increase the ability to cross/up-sell, improve efficiency in serving customers, and develop target marketing campaigns with expected results. 

Our strategery includes identifying your customers, evaluating customer services, assess new opportunities indicating market expansion, product evaluation suggesting growth through diversification that increases profitability and extends market reach to manifest a new pool of customers. 

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