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Refine what is Possible, Give Shape to the Future - Achieve the Expectations

The Startup

Startups are not known for an impressive history of earnings or cash flow to substantiate the evidence to validate market demand. In the beginning, research is prominent in understanding the state of the market while identifying competition, uncovering trends, defining the target audience, and performing market analysis. 

The meticulous research contributes to dissect information to formulate market disruption with innovative products or services focused on reasonable gross margins, moderate target markets, and generating products or services of fewer contemporaries. Or the startup may research a niche, requiring in-depth comprehension of the ideal customer, with the ability to test and repeatedly adjust to meet customer ideology. 

The market size, level of pain, the features, and benefits typically encourage the process of commercialization. The process should convey value to a potential customer, present an impact to invest, and provide a significant advantage in solving a problem. The outcome justifies the offering stated by the vision that explains why the product or services will be successful specifically to a target market. The product strategy becomes essential to achieve goals that align with desirable results, with significant relevance to customers buying behaviors. 

Summer LaunchPad

Our summer program is a partnership with surrounding high schools and community colleges that encourages young entrepreneurs with instruction and professional coaching throughout the development of their conceptional project.  The advancement of knowledge includes the interpretation of minimal startup costs, short-time to market, and creating value to ensure a product-market fit.  The ecosystem embeds the framework of the Business Model Canvas to recognize essential components of their development. The advancement of their hypotheses builds the foundation of the value proposition, infrastructure, customers, and finances while outlining the rationale of creating, delivering, and capturing value. Other significant elements include the introduction to the business plan, financial projections, marketing strategies, and establishing the pitch. 

The Business Accelerator Program

This intensive program is city-funded and presents a monitory award to bootstrap, startups, and expanding business collectively with supportive mentorship, various topic-driven workshops, and exclusive access to BAM's resource partners, ensuring a confident and successful business owner. Many of our workshops are available both face-2-face and online as a catalyst to expand knowledge, improve skills, and advance innovation that adheres to the program expectations. Throughout the course, participants are to create an investor fact sheet, a strategic business plan, elaborate market strategy, accurate financial projections, and a detailed pitch for final judging. The winners are provided with a BAM Consulting five-year commitment to evaluate progress, market penetration, and economic growth.

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