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Innovative Living

It’s unimaginable to believe that pervasive and essential development can instantly influence the world economy as shipping containers have in the past few decades. Moreover, to believe a few forward-thinking individuals immediately recognized the value of these containers on a global landscape.

The benefits are crucial to signifying innovative living at a fraction of the cost. The benefits include;

  • Big enough to hold several thousand cubic feet of good

  • Strong enough but light enough to be moveable with cranes, forklifts, and other material handling equipment.

  • Flexible enough that they could be used for dry goods, refrigerated goods, bulk liquids, and living areas.

Contradictory to what people think, the category of shipping containers is quite large. Container architecture has essentially become its own field, and architects from around the world are revealing just how innovative they can be with identical building blocks. BAM Consulting can produce unlimited variations in meeting your needs.

There are container buildings with exterior cladding and interior walls that make it effectively impossible to tell there’s a container underneath at all unless you were watching during construction. There are containers arranged in uniform piles creating large rectangular assemblies, and containers turned, twisted, and stacked in organic ways that are anything but boring. In short, containers don’t neatly fit into any narrow building category because they can be made to look like and do just about anything with enough work.

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