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E-Commerce: The Pivot

By Angel Garcia, MBA

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new” - Socrates

Our world is quite different today than it was in the days of the old philosophers, and even quite different than it was 26 years ago when I graduated high school. Back then, in the mid-nineties, we had the internet, but with limited access through hardwired telephone lines via a modem. For our younger generation, the modem was designed to send signals (sounds) that can be transmitted over the phone line using loud frequencies. Moving into a newer century deploying innovative technology, we all became better off without the need for those noisy and annoying devices.

The point is that the transformation evolved relatively slow over the course of many years and a few decades. From a broader historical perspective, the movement was seemingly quick; however, living through the transformation, it appeared to replicate an entire lifetime. 

Perspective is the key. 

The COVID19 pandemic continues to shape a new world overnight. In general, the most successful businesses thrive on change and innovation and continuously pursue the pivot. However, the majority of companies have typically been averse to change and find it difficult to induce an axis unless forced by circumstance. The current pandemic is one of those times, and many small/large businesses are struggling due to a lack of foot traffic through their doors. They know something has to change to persist as a significant business. The suggestion is to maintain relevance while moving toward online requiring the implementation of change to solve the problem associated with the lack of customer traffic.

The snap answer is e-commerce in combination with a strategic social media presence. E-Commerce, plain and simple, is the conducting of commercial transactions over the internet. In today’s digital retail landscape, doing business online is essential to sustain success while maximizing profitability. In the world of large enterprises, the framework includes value innovation focused on value creation that offers visualization and relevance to buyers.

The success of large enterprises is BECAUSE of the utilization of technology advancements that make a reliable and relatively fast internet available to all at the end of their fingertips. Think for a moment about Amazon and Apple when they implemented e-commerce to optimize the customer experience. 

Perhaps this implies utilizing BAM Consulting to establish the same opportunity, collectively with an active social media strategy that signifies brand awareness, visualization while maintaining customer relationships. 

For those who depended on foot traffic and never entered the e-commerce market to maximize new channels, as they say, it’s better late than never. Fortunately, we offer courses to provide the foundation through the internet to provide much-needed instruction on the methods and process of accomplishing this task.

BAM Consulting offers an E-Commerce course, CIW: E-Commerce Specialist, designed to take the learner on a deep-dive into the intricacies of developing and operating an online store. The title says, ‘specialist,’ however, the knowledge offered within is substantial in value and key to operating a successful online business. Sure, a business owner can hire us to do it for them. Given the time constraints of running a business and still having to tend to all the other aspects of life, such as family, it’s a good idea to do so, but not without working knowledge of the requirements. 

The topic-driven course provides necessary insight on e-commerce site development, e-commerce technology, and security; e-commerce business, marketing, and legal issues; payment gateways; e-learning solutions; order processing; transactions and web site security; and many more. The course offers you working knowledge of e-commerce standards with its interactive learning resources.

The course is undoubtedly valuable for business owners who wish to have in-depth knowledge about their online business. Also, we offer many other courses on a wide array of subjects to support career development and market growth.

Signup for the course and give BAM Consulting a call and schedule an online meeting to create a dialogue about where you are, your business, and what you want to achieve during the pandemic. Get the answers you need to overcome the situation and empower yourself to thrive. 

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