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Digital Technology In The Education Field

The education sector has transformed rapidly in the last few decades; digital technology has played an important role and has completely revolutionized the way students learn in the classroom.

The classrooms continue to transform, the projectors replace the blackboards; technology is assisting in new initiatives with a combination of visual and auditory techniques to empower student engagement. Technology is paving the way in making the learning procedure more interactive, practical, and ensuring. Students are learning computing skills, while educational apps are playing an essential role - encouraging students to acquire knowledge in many entertaining and interactive ways.

As you know, everyone has mobile phones; therefore, mobile applications and e-learning websites are a significant part that contributes to the educational field. We can say that the “technology is in the palms of the students” as 78% of students have regular access to the mobile phones, 88% of the students use mobile phones to browse the web. Research reveals that 43% of students navigate the internet exclusively on mobile phones, and 73% download institution-specific applications on their mobile phones. Using computers and other devices are just the tip of the iceberg; the extensive use of computers and phones encourages better communication and collaboration between teachers and students.

Social media is also playing a crucial role - improving the participation of students in all educational disciplines. Students use social media platforms for social interactions, 15% are using Instagram, 28% are using Twitter, and 67% remain using Facebook. Students can share their opinions on social networks, conduct surveys, create multimedia presentations, attend webinar sessions, and discussions with other students from across the globe. Besides social media, different platforms have become engaging to include obtaining valuable information. Recent surveys have proved that 75% use Wikipedia for research and 17% use databases for the same. Through continued use in education, students are in the pursuit of correct methods of using technology in a better and responsible way, that can help them in decision-making and encourage self-discipline. Taking all the facts into account, we can say that technology has an important role to play in any industry. The use of technology in education will help prepare students for the real-world environment while assisting them to accelerate their career trajectory.

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