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BAM Consulting Monthly Business Focus

Operating a daycare business as a startup can be a lucrative venture. Statistical research illustrates that every 10-mothers with children under six years of age are nearing 87% employment, and according to the labor force, women in their childbearing years continues to expand according to

Many of the startup daycare centers are home-based, with minimal revenue streams. Today, there are opportunities for daycare centers to franchises or purchase a daycare franchise requiring a more substantial investment than a home-base. In the open market, a startup daycare is deserving of the demand, as our local community is firmly in need primarily to the continuation of economic activities.

With both parents having to work, child care is undergoing considerable growth. A startup can expect to establish a continuous revenue stream in offering specialty care describing 24-hour drop-in care, and even more importantly, a sick daycare center as a specialized niche. The revenue streams typically ensure financial security.

The daycare industry provided and explained by BAM Consulting is relevant to primary infants or children. These establishments generally care for preschool children but may care for older children when they are not in school and may also offer pre-kindergarten and kindergarten educational programs.

The Example includes the following;

  • Child daycare babysitting services

  • Nursery schools

  • Child or infant daycare centers

  • Preschool centers

Currently, in Midland, Texas, the market illustrates a total of 98 daycare operations with 35-daycare facilities considered to be industry sites, 31-firms, 4-branches, 27-small businesses, and 1-startup. The numbers are consistent with the past three-years with modest growth. The industry market volume illustrated a peak in 2019, reaching 22.3 million, with strong growth reaching 22.9 million in February of this year. The small business industry market volume remains steady with a moderate increase over the past three-years, equaling 13.7 million.

The industry market share (by percentage) remains robust and appropriate to the past year while including the devastation of coronavirus marking February as the last recorded month; however, demonstrating a 60% market ownership. The annual average sales for small business daycares are applicable and competitive to a median site presenting a moderate increase year-over-year with a 4.47% change while establishing the most significant growth between 2019 and February 2020.

The daycare opportunity remains fruitful for creating jobs as the regular operation employs 8-12 with an average local salary of 20,000 yearly. In our market, vigorous entrepreneurship demonstrates "average sales," reaching 285,938 with an indication of scalability by the national growth rate.

The overall evaluation of the market is reliable. It provides a startup with an equal opportunity appropriate to the local market, demonstrating an increase in market ownership collectively with scalable revenue streams.

If you are interested in this industry, let us know as we can provide the necessary research to grain your demographic requirements, market penetration, market values, as so much more. We can also develop your business plan, financial projections, and present to you lenders, investors, and other methods of capital infusion.

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Report Disclosure

Raw data analyzed for BAM Consulting reports are sourced from an array of the nation's government and private statistical sources. None of these natural data sources creates the final measures reflected in BAM Consulting industry profiles. In total, BAM Consulting accesses over a billion sourced data points from eighteen million business operations. Historical data and algorithms are used to inform and test projections for non-reporting firms. Data elements include:

  • IRS SOI Corporation Tax Book

  • IRS Statistics of Income

  • US Economic Census

  • US Census Quarterly Financial Reports

  • US Census County Business Patterns

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics Monthly Employment Reports

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics Monthly Unemployment Reports

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics Annual Wage Survey

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics Industry Productivity Reports

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics Price Indices

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Price Index

  • National Agricultural Statistical Service

  • US Census Quarterly Financial Reports

  • US Census Retail Trade Report

  • InfoGroup, Inc.

  • Business Valuation Resources

  • American Community Survey

While 100% of firm coverage is desirable for analysis purposes, the most significant value of BAM Consulting reports rests in discerning patterns of activity. These are reflected in the large samples used to develop our reports.

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