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BAM Consulting launches pre-packaged apps for small businesses hit by COVID-19.

Last year, a BAM Consulting - Resource Partner raised one of Europe's most extensive Series-A investments of $29 million, and leading the way included Lakestar, Jungle Ventures, collectively with the participation of "SoftBank's DeepCore." The opportunity enabled for the fast-build of software and apps and used to generate products for BBC, DiditFor, Manscore, and ZikTruck.

Our Resource Partner has now made it possible for BAM Consulting to launch The Studio Store, an exceptional range of pre-packaged apps starting with e-commerce and distribution — explicitly meant for small businesses suffering because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The first apps will serve e-commerce and shipping dedicated to flower shops, grocery stores, and retailers, as these will be fast-tracked in development, suggesting eight weeks to complete. The first three months of live service will be bundled in for free.

Michael Crain said: "Many businesses seemingly cannot adapt to survival mode in unfamiliar waters. However, while several businesses realize this, a reduction in skills, coding and technical knowledge has traditionally remained as a barrier." BAM Consulting and Resource Partners make the process as simple and as affordable as possible as an effort for businesses to expand their digital footprint.

The e-commerce app enables retailers to showcase their goods with a scrollable carousel while offering diverse methods to process secure payments. The app includes characteristics to interact with most e-commerce experiences. The offering app has features, including payment integration, in-app notifications, and FedEx integration.

The Studio Store apps are offered at the cost of $600 per month, as BAM Consulting will "not" require a percentage of the sale or transaction fee. The charge is a monthly fee requiring a one-month deposit at the beginning of the engagement. In comparison to other Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers, the client obtains a copy of the full code after 24-months of deployment.

After much research, we found that 20% of all app features develop 80% of all apps. Consequently, by characterizing the necessary features and applying them into a useful "pick-and-mix" store, this would substantially decrease the time to build an app.

If you are interested in an app that represents your company - or the development of e-commerce, let BAM Consulting assist - Email us today