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3 Reasons Why NOW is the Perfect Time to Start a Business

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

“The American dream is alive and well, and anybody can start a business and amazing things that can happen to that business.” ― Mark Cuban

It seems counter-intuitive, but from a certain point of view, the BEST time to take on a venture worthy of transforming your life is NOW.


Why wait? What excuse, or what version of those many excuses will you tell yourself not to take the first precious and monumental steps to freedom in owning your very own business?

A good friend of mine says, 'you got to pay the price for freedom,' and she's 100 percent correct. Everything has a price, including living your best life.

Brainstorm and research your idea, write it down, and take action.

The Universe WILL send mighty forces to your aid when you take action. (Basil King) 

Don't be selfish. You are not doing the world any favors by playing it safe.


If you are still reading this, recognizing and dissipating all of your excuses, and not reinforcing them, congratulations, you may have what it takes to open up your own business.

2020 has been a year, unlike any other in the last century; however, it is not without comparison. Things are bad and will possibly get worse before it gets any better. Be prepared, learn all you can, retool, and listen to the marketplace.

There are two types of people, those who have either a fixed or a growth mindset. Which one are you? A growth centered mindset sees the opportunities and the silver linings within the turmoil and chaos and moves to take advantage. A fixed mindset sees the turmoil and chaos and recoils to protect what they have and depend solely on waiting it out till things return to 'normal.'

Many successful companies started up during times of unrest and financial heartache because they were bold and acted with intention, knowledge, and the willingness to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes.


Will you succeed? I can't answer that, only you can, but I can say that you're starting on the right track. Let loose your anchors and set sail upon the great entrepreneurial waters. It's times like these that inspire innovation and creativity born of necessity. Remember, it's all figure-out-able. So, let's figure it out.

"Where we are today... 

it's become a level playing field between existing businesses and startups in acquiring new customers while separating the players by their ability to listen and meet demand with a viable product." ― Michael Crain

3 Reasons

Now is the perfect time to lay the groundwork towards a business venture, despite uncertain economic and social turmoil. Everyone is a startup; there are many apparent pains in the market, proposing opportunity; and history is on your side.

'Everyone’s a Startup’

The double-tap combination, a global pandemic ensued by a previously looming economic fallout, leveled the playing field placing existing businesses and startups on an equitable footing. Currently, most companies, which are not Netflix and the like, must retool to keep current customers and find new customers.

The opportunity appears when customers; forced to find replacement products or services delivered in novel ways as the businesses they frequented either closed or have raised prices with a lowered standard of quality to the point of unfeasibility; search for fill-ins.

The purging of thousands of businesses opened the floodgates for the opportunity. Businesses customers previously frequented played by yesterday's standards and were unprepared to take a hard double-tap, and simultaneously expense the pivot necessary to satisfy current customers and gain new ones.

‘Pain's in the Market Propose Opportunity.'

No pain's, no gains, as the old weightlifting saying goes, is real in economies, markets, and businesses as it is in people and muscle growth. When conditions become complacent and safe, growth stammers, tempered with the gentle ebb and flow of comfort.

Of course, this ideal state of stability over the long-term is precisely the system's intended consequence by design. Still, every once in awhile, it gets battered by a major stressor, such as a deep economic recession. We know that no matter how ingenious a system integrates millions and billions of people and trillions of dollars, it can never be in perpetuity.

An entrepreneur's mission is to identify pain, devise a solution to alleviate that pain and conceive how to deliver best that solution to those experiencing the problem.

Customers want the best pound for pound product/service/experience, etc., they can find available at a reasonable price. The companies who adapt and move quickly by listening to their customers' needs will prosper. Larger companies must learn to remain pliable and agile on their target markets' pulse, and startups must test their markets and find their target just the same.

An entrepreneur's mission is to identify pain, devise a solution to alleviate that pain and conceive how to deliver best that solution to those experiencing the problem.

'History is on your Side.'

“It is said that the darkest hour of the night comes just before the dawn.”

― Thomas Fuller

History is on the side of recovery and growth. The opportunity presented by circumstances is perfect for a startup to take advantage of and establish a strong foundation.

Many of the most successful businesses ever created were born in times of widespread affliction out of necessity to solve a pain point in the market place. What better time to identify a particular pain with a significant number of potential customers than right now?

What goes down, must come up, is the aphorism best suited to describe in broad strokes. The economy is a living and breathing entity unto itself, not in a biological but mechanical sense. We speak of it in terms of cycles and mark the peaks and valleys as having implications open to past and current context to interpret future possibilities to capitalize.

We live in a time of the most significant advancements in technology this planet has ever witnessed, and it is only in infancy. Investment in technology-based tools is necessary to reach today's and tomorrow's customers, which is cheaper and readily accessible to many more now than previously. The bet belongs to advancing the sustainability of our economic, political, and social systems and continued innovation to solve problems.

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