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The purpose of applying a digital interconnection strategy is to develop a network of interactive systems sharing information across multiple media platforms. Furthermore, it influences the target market while creating a distinct identity aligning new products and services. The process promotes brand equity, differentiating from competitors and focusing on attracting new customers or markets. Effective outcomes are developed from a distinctive logo and a brand message conveying a unique value proposition, creating an online impression, targeting your content, receiving customer feedback, and executing a strategic marketing plan to create a shared experience. 

Solution Providers

Michael Crain, MS MIS

Brand Strategies
Website Development
Digial Inventory 

Angel Garcia, MBA

Logo Design
Brand Strategies
Website Development
Multi-Media Platforms


Benigno Bejaran

Logo Design
Website Developer
Hosting Configuration


Sandra Crain

Marketing Strategies
Digital Advertising
Budgeting for Success
Radio Distribution


Logo Design
Logo Designing

Logo Design

The expertise in designing a logo remains important, suggesting trust, excellence, and integrity while grabbing the attention to make a strong impression. Developing a solid foundation requires creating a brand identity, making it memorable, and separating from the competition to encourage loyalty. Although the logo may seem simple, it should be timeless, appropriate, and versatile.

Our process of developing a logo represents the target audience’s perspective with a specific feeling associated with the business. The objective is to distinguish the company from the competition, invite new customers, and reveal the offer’s identity to customers. Outcomes present professionalism with a bit of personality, stand out, and informs customers, creating brand recognition. Nike and many others understand the importance of a logo in marketing products/services and remain consistent.

Sale Branding

Brand Strategies

The brand strategy considers the overall approach of the businesses in the marketplace, formulating and implementing the primary goals and initiatives to ensure specific actions. The plan identifies a target audience, brand positioning, essential content, and website design techniques. Our objective is to materialize specific goals and timelines that underline a particular market regarding various products/services. The strategy outlines what the company strives to achieve compared to cost, differentiation, and market focus. 

Emphasis is placed on understanding the company’s purpose, vision, mission, and values to consistently and effectively attract the right customers. Positioning the brand is vital to compete, owning a unique position for the long-term in the minds of the target audience. Evaluating many brand elements regarding storytelling, brand identity, values, and presenting a quality impression encourages brand equity. If the brand is how you introduce your business across the global landscape-then brand strategy is the intensive structure that retains its resilience. 

Brand Strategies
Website setup on laptop

Website Development & Hosting

For many reasons, a well-designed website is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools for startups, early-stage, and growth-driven businesses. The possibilities can improve online presence and increase credibility with a home base to influence search rankings. Rather than using Facebook, other media platforms, or a brick-and-mortar location, a website provides an impression of a successful business with a broader reach. 


Our design provides a 24/7 online presence and represents an exchange of information enabling customers with necessary insights to expand trust. Benefits of a website include:

  • Increasing traffic and brand awareness.

  • Developing leads.

  • Saving the cost of printing 

  • Collecting customer data and delivering personalized email campaigns. 

  • Creating new sales opportunities

  • Providing added value with direction to the website.

Website Development & Hosting
Website setup on laptop

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The deployment of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) provides the source for extracting customer data and analyzing customer purchasing behavior. In addition, SEO can be a critical source for identifying keywords or phrases used by the target audience when searching for particular topics. For startups or growth-driven businesses, SEO enables traffic and conversions while building a solid foundation to make crucial decisions and create long-term audiences. 

The design of SEO brings more customers from an organic search, generating a trustworthy web experience that encourages a customer-centric experience. Noteworthy is creating brand awareness, driving information, enabling other marketing initiatives, and maintaining an anticipated budget. Many benefits include generating healthier leads, higher rankings, and improved engagement rates with an appealing website promoting a customer-centric experience.  

Creative Work


BAM provides clients with multiple capabilities to market products, services, or unique business messages. For example, Geofencing delivers ads to the mobile user based on location and recency while tracking foot traffic to the business. The accurate technique enables high-quality content targeted to resonate with established demographics of a distinct area and is highly cost-effective. In addition, the benefits of geofencing marketing allow for the ability to hyper-target customers and exemplify the right time and place. Rather than casting a wide net, Geofencing cultivates a specific target based on customer location within a geofenced zone.

The technology forms a virtual geographical boundary that initiates a marketing action when potential customers enter and exit the set boundary. For example, BAM will begin with materializing a virtual perimeter around a specific GPS location, identifying and creating a sizeable and addressable audience. The gathered information plays a significant role in retargeting and providing adequate location-based insights. 

Social Media Strategies/Implementation
Creative Work

Social Media Development

Social media platforms are used worldwide to connect and share information. On a personal level, social media enables communication with friends and family, exchanging new things, creating interests, and often provides entertainment. On the business side, social media introduces essential relationships, creates an enthusiastic fan base, and develops a target audience to ensure marketing campaign efforts while soliciting feedback. 

The opportunity can generate new avenues of traffic and direct prospects to your website, enabling the transition from visitors to clients. The multi-platforms can improve brand awareness while increasing visibility to define the target audience’s interest. The benefit for a startup is that it becomes cost-effective to increase website traffic, generate leads, capture customer information, and boost sales.  

Creative Work


BAM's connection to various broadcasting opportunities delivers an impressive conduit to the community, defining the target audience and creating a shared experience while cultivating new relationships. Our strategy provides a high-impact and scalable approach, presenting a high-engagement rate that harnesses the power of rich media to capture customer attention. The objective uses various advertising techniques applicable to specific preferences and interests, boosting cost-effectiveness and market reach. 

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