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Entrepreneurial Traning 

Refine what is Possible, Give Shape to the Future - Achieve the Expectations

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Mr. Michael Crain's Background

Mr. Crain’s vocational focus is the result of mastering his own academics and teaching success, receiving the renowned teaching award from UT Systems Board of Regions’ in recognition for providing exemplary education, collectively with superior performance and classroom innovation. His experience of developing various and successful businesses is relevant to years of experience without trivial and irrelevant practices. His experience spans from nuclear, mechanical, civil, traffic coordination, bridge design, and inspection to his incredible entrepreneurial success in construction, restaurant, and manufacturing. 

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Entrepreneurial Training and Services

Our signature courses are community-driven and project-centric to empower the entrepreneurial spirit while discovering specific goals in a learning environment that establishes objectives — the process fuels critical-thinking to seek change while supportive of diverse questioning that ignites significant initiatives. The program delivers assistance to innovate and continuously improve product/service potential.  The presented courses empower product enhancement, problem-solving methodology, interconnect with development stages, and build the necessary knowledge and skills to validate advancement.