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Solution Provider

Sandra Crain, Market President


Professional Experience

Sandra brings to the community 30+ years of retail experience and knowledge relevant to a big-box business model. She has led more than 200 associates in all facets of retail. Her understanding of customer service has allowed multi-level growth in a complex and competitive industry. Sandra understands consumer buying trends, purchasing behaviors, inventory turn rates, and marketing objectives to enhance loyalty. Sandra’s expertise continues to sustain success in some of the most competitive department store areas such as men's and women's clothing along with cosmetics and shoes while achieving top volume performance.

Professional Experience

  • Sandra has maintained exclusive brand partnerships to ensure a multimillion-dollar store remains successful within the marketplace. Her knowledge and experience are relevant to inventory management, with insights on rapid turn rates that facilitate a positive return while maximizing operational efficiency. She formulates solid operational efficiency to optimize productivity with strategic planning and layout to ensure profitability.

  • The ability to develop a strategy enables a strategic marketing plan to reach and influence customer buying. The development strategy evaluates retail channels to establish incentives and product displays. Her ability to create a customer experience comes from a strong foundation that improves customer retention through consistently added value, interactions, connecting, and advocating customers’ demands. The expertise is appropriate to drive business and grow customer-community relationships.

  • Today, she is the market president of a media company and is responsible for developing new businesses, underwriting, structuring, and closing in various digital markets, and serving an existing customer base with depository portfolios. 

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