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What is your Business Story






Business plans enable you to present a story to a selected audience that has an interest in your development. Much of the attention is through key partners, investors, lenders, and stakeholders. 

Our business plans organize the concept, drives theory, and creates a strategy for a target market with a detailed presentation to ensure a specified outcome. 

The business plan provides the necessary assistance for all that is interested in the specified objectives, benchmarks, and goals while striving to achieve investment opportunities. 

We develop the business plan pertinent to various conditions, economic activities, expectations, and industry demands essential to the type of business, competitors, target audience, product fit, budgeting, and forecasting projections to ensure market success.  


The Cover

The cover provides the first impression of your brand and should communicate the underlying business plan message.

Executive Summary

The executive summary provides detailed information relevant to who, what, when, where, and why it's imperative to the business goals. The features include a mission statement, team, product, market, finance, and timeline. 

Marketing Analysis

The market analysis covers market needs, target market, demographics, competition, competitive edge, and marketing strategy. The acquired information is essential to develop an executable marketing plan. 

Product Showcase

The illustration will showcase your products and services, value proposition, and means to solve a problem while fulfilling the market need that signifies a competitive advantage. 

Team - Structure

The plan enables prospective partners or investors to evaluate the opportunity while the audience remains interested to know who started the business and why. The appearance of the company is mainly about servicing the customer, and the ability to succeed depends mostly on team expertise as the most critical factor to empower success. Structuring the business may entice other companies to engage in forming a partnership.  


Developing a roadmap reveals significant milestones to capitalize on objectives to achieve goals. The roadmap presents cultivated knowledge to evaluate where you are, where you are going, and how you will reach specific results.  Timelines are instrumental in defining operational projections and other critical elements to enable successful outcomes. 


This part of the business plan allows for the explanation of startup cost or the estimate of scaling the business into consideration of required funding, systems, staffing, processes, technology, and critical resources. The expenses are listed to determine the total amount of capital infusion, presented by the financial projections. 


The forecast is a projection base upon specific assumptions relevant to targeting customers or defining a sales strategy. The opportunity allows measurement of both revenues and expenses to determine the cost structure and revenue streams over time. The process illustrates a break-even or when total cost and total revenue become even with opportunity costs and capital as the risk-adjustment. The results demonstrate the return on investment while coordinating the forecasting efforts to correlate with the timeline. 

And so much more

There are various other elements such as barriers to entry, exit strategy, intellectual property, risk and mitigation, solution validation, and future markets that can be attached to your plan collectively with infographics, flow charts, SWOT analysis, competitive analysis, and more!

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