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Business Planning

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The foundation of a successful business includes the significance of market knowledge and acquired skills. Researching the market reveals an understanding of how products/services fit the target market, compares competitors' weakness, and identify new opportunities. Such information boosts the ability to develop an acceptable business model defining the value proposition, resources, cost structure, and revenue streams. In addition, growing a business requires implementing an essential framework to consider cash flow, forecasting, market trends, and various strategies that define a unique selling position acknowledging the target audience and direct competitors. 

Solution Providers

Michael Crain, MS MIS

University Educator
Growth Consultant
Resource Developer
Strategic Planning

Angel Garcia, MBA

Marketing Strategy
Industry Researcher
Financial Projections
Strategic Planning

Market Research
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Research the Market

We evaluate and consider lucrative markets characterizing financial performances, trends, and gaps. The applied research advances a learning environment suitable for developing a compelling strategy, producing a customer-centric approach, and identifying growth opportunities. The benefit of our applied research fosters an evaluation of risk, materializing acceptable objectives, and cultivating a more effective development. 


​The practicality of research assists in understanding customer buying behaviors relevant to a specific product/service, determining product-market fit, size of demand, and target audience characteristics. Over time, the approach improves marketing campaign programs, uncovers competitors' to formulate marketing strategies, and applies a segmentation-target positioning model. ​

Our analysis delivers essential insight into market opportunities appropriate for creating innovative products/services when filling market gaps. The uncovered sources presented by research can reveal a niche or formulate methods to disrupt an inefficiency or a failed market. The process includes assembling a complete and sensible approach to impact market positioning with a change-product perception.

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Strategic Business Plans

Business plans present an engaging story with significant characteristics of the target audience while defining the high-level market opportunity, exploring adjacent prospects, and materializing direct and indirect competition. In addition, the presented details facilitate essential insight into various market trends and competitors’ positioning to differentiate products/services and foster a strategic market approach. 

The research excavation reveals critical objectives to reach vital goals and cultivates significant elements to render a strategic business plan. We aim to confirm a robust business model influenced by key partners, activities, and resources while determining fertile segments and touchpoints to encourage interactions that drive fruitful revenue streams. 

Our approach generates a generative strategy driven by testing theory with a hypothesis analysis and acquired business insights from different data types. Validating the innovation requires clarifying goals, experimenting, and revising to preserve purposeful action when securing a target market and calculating demand. The result captures vital information to plan financial projections, sales forecasts, expense budgets, break-even, and cash flow while determining needs and preparing for contingencies. 

Business Plan
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Marketing Strategy

Our deep dive into research provides a brainstorming platform to problem-solve and engage in idea creation while aligning market aims with a cost-effective campaign program. Developing a market strategy requires knowledge of current market activities to determine the business's role in creating a competitive advantage. 

The focus remains on analyzing the offering, identifying target audience characteristics, purchasing behaviors, product/service attraction, and determining customer perspectives to forge satisfaction, value, and market share. In addition, marketing strategies include improving internal business functions to ensure external outcomes essential to developing extraordinary market campaigns with a return on investment. 

The process profiles competitors and develops strategies to improve marketing objectives to drive purchases. Our development concentrates on resources to capture significant opportunities driving sales and brand awareness through media platforms. The results include creating content to establish brand equity and ​repeatable purchases. 

Market Strategy
Fiancial Projections
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Financial Projections

When developing financial projections, evaluating all aspects of the business is essential to establish a forecast from rooted facts. The benefits drive growth from evaluating economic forecasts, business goals, budgeting, and controlling cash flow to discovering full profit potential. The approach empowers the framework to project financing requirements, time elements, and the amount of capital to maintain profitability. Such accumulation of data facilitates the ability to analyze and formulate predictable growth, underlining cash flows, pricing impact, and altering production. 

The outcome fosters the ability to measure projected income, estimated sales, price of product/service, and significant financial ratios for calculating profit compared to net earnings and return on net worth. Developing the projections cultivates a detailed forecast applicable to cash inflows and outlays while creating income and balance sheets to build a strategic business plan. The results provide the banker, investors, and other types of prospects insight into the opportunity.  

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