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John A. Metink, Drafter - Designer

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Professional Experience

Upon completing an Architecture program at Midland College, John was offered the opportunity to work as a draftsman under a local architect, Erick Hammock, where he was able to attain the experience, knowledge & contacts necessary for building a successful business.


After his mentor’s passing in 2005, John began hunting for a new firm to work for but was convinced by his clients to venture out and create his firm.  JM Drafting & Design was established, and business immediately began pouring in. 


Over the past decade, John has developed long-lasting relationships with some of Texas’s most prestigious and reputable companies. He has participated in designing and developing a wide variety of commercial facilities, from warehouses, churches, gyms, and animal hospitals to office buildings throughout the West, Texas. 

JM Drafting & Design portfolio includes: 

  • Tall City Brewing

  • The Apex Center

  • Wall Towers West

  • Wall Towers East

  • Greater Ideal Baptist Church

  • Rose Heights Church

  • Obsidian Chemical Solutions

  • Blackbrush

  • Entrada Business Center

  • Black Diamond Inn

  • Endeavor

  • JB Financial

  • SCI

  • Garfield Plaza

  • Westwood Plaza

  • Security Bank Tower

  • Community National Bank

  • Young's Metal Buildings

  • Grey Cosmetic Family Dentistry

  • AJ Construction

  • Marble Slab - Midland

  • Medical Visionary

  • Marble Slab - Midland

  • Medical Visionary

  • Heritage USA

    John is passionate about turning his client’s dreams into a reality, by transforming their vision into a timeless design, whether it be a business property, shop, office or home. He prides himself on professionalism and project management skill that allows clients to have peace of mind when working for them. In addition to these things, John believes holding true to his strong beliefs and morals have been, and continue to to be, his reasons for success.

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