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What to Expect

The team’s experience is notable for having the right balance between preparation, philosophy, advancement, and vital methodologies to develop successful outcomes. The focus is to add unique value, emphasizing business concepts, technology, principles, and market value that encapsulates critical thinking dexterities while cultivating in-depth knowledge that advances problem-solving capabilities. 

The offering of our online courses appeals to small business owners, startups, and businesses seeking content to strengthen sustainability with an emphasis on scalability. Our professional development stimulates continuous learning in diverse areas to drive business model formulation, uncover revenue streams, develop a proof-of-concept foundation, and advance a feasibility analysis. 

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B²Hub Instructors


Michael Crain, MS MIS

University Educator
Growth Consultant
Resource Developer

Angel Garcia, MBA

Marketing Strategy
Industry Researcher
Financial Projections
Business Consultant


Ruth Peinado

Business Development
Federal Projects
Sales Management

Carol Crites

Database Management
Organizing Data
Data Queries
Excel Development
Graphic Design

Online Courses
Working at Open Space

Online Courses

We intend to bundle multiple topic-driven activities and expose our entrepreneurs to practical and relevant information, emphasizing our business experiences while delivering solid educational value. For us, it makes perfect sense for businesses to comprehend valuable details, direction, and necessary resources while they remain focused on developing or growing their business. Our online courses’ significance is removing theory, assumptions, and speculation to formulate practical business objectives to generate long-term sustainability that drives scalable outcomes. 

The educational value is proven more affordable without commuting costs and expensive textbooks. The opportunity provides a comfortable learning environment to listen to lectures and interact with experienced instructors. Our added value empowers mobility and necessary flexibility to fuel business advancements with accessibility to various courses creating a path of expected results. 

Fashion Designer

Certification Courses

We offer various certifications to accelerate the individual career while increasing business knowledge to transform practicality into reality. Proven skills and expertise illuminate the significance of transferring knowledge to improve leadership qualities and develop mixed strategies to randomize a set of actions that confirm personal objectives. The selected courses enable the proficiency to differentiate businesses in a comprehensive and transparent learning approach. The results are beneficial to validate knowledge, enhancing academic performance, and boosting self-confidence to drive innovation. 

Today, businesses are investing in their employees, developing valuable resources cohesively with a flexible and robust foundation to establish competitiveness in the market. In retrospect, top investments are evident in analyzing the business, optimizing the supply chain, controlling risk, and managing projects. The outcome represents a skilled, trained workforce that plays an essential role in the health and wealth of the business. 

Giving a Speech


In a fast-moving, innovative marketplace, entrepreneurs and corporate innovators are discovering unique ways to overcome business problems, think beyond the possibilities, and create significant value to elevate market positioning. Innovators require various initiatives that promote innovative products from distinct business models to generate extreme market value while improving performance. 

Our workshops incorporate experts who have overcome various shortfalls and pushed through to provide essential insight into escaping the consequences. The multiple workshops connect local “like-minded” business owners and experts in their perspective fields. They may include academic partners and representatives of many software applications to nourish a solid foundation for learning concepts, creating awareness, and providing valuable training opportunities.  

Adult Education Course

Soft Skills

Our soft skills platform delivers the necessary tools to solve problems as a positive contribution to advancing a promising career or boosting essential skills to heighten company advancement. Such a platform provides personal attributes that influence work ethic that creates trust and dependability while effectively and efficiently applying technical skills.

Why are soft skills essential? Businesses can develop a growth plate without being hampered by the inabilities of market perceptions, employee performance, and productivity deficiencies. The variety of available courses inspires individuals with continuing education opportunities as an important factor when evaluating organization flexibility. The selected courses are figurative to improve customer service, enhance team dynamics, extend job satisfaction, and build self-confidence to adapt to organizational objectives. 

Soft Skills
Group Calls

B²Hub Accelerator Program Certification

The B²Hub removes “isolation from innovation” while providing a valuable partnership to our clients “not” to go through it alone - with the necessary resources to ensure specific outcomes. We offer a strong foundation of community synergy capable of accelerating innovation, interests, and objectives that transforms the concept while delivering end-to-end solutions. The accelerator environment empowers face-to-face and online learning from “Thought to Launch” with knowledgeable mentors to inform, inspire, and expedite your opportunity while contributing critical services throughout the entrepreneurial lifecycle. The ambition is to rapidly develop smart business growth and unite the right resources to co-develop and deliver solutions that empower a dynamic market migration. 

Accelerator Program
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