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B²Hub Accelerator
Entrepreneurial Development System



Transform Your Business Idea into a Profitable Reality

Unlock the Secrets to Building a Successful Business

Are you tired of feeling stuck with your business idea?


Do you want to turn your passion into a successful and sustainable venture?


Our B²Hub Accelerator System is designed to guide you through the process of building a profitable business from "Thought to Launch!"

What You'll Learn and How the Program Works

Create a business plan that works for you

Launch an efficient startup and explore market opportunities

Learn how to solve problems, create products/services, and understand your customers

Discover how to accelerate your business growth and success

From Thought to Launch

Take your business idea from concept to reality with our comprehensive System

Hybrid Class

Delivered online with live presentations and in-house sessions to promote interaction and multi-modal learning

Modular Learning

Drive the transformation of your idea to confirm validation while managing and prioritizing essential objectives

Invaluable Mentorship

Receive mentorship beyond the course from our team with proven success

No Book Required

All course materials are included and available online


B²Hub Accelerator

Entrepreneurial Development


We guide you from Thought to Launch!

Develop an idea about how to solve a problem in the market— discover who your competitors are and understand who your ideal customer is .

Research Your Market

Assess if your business idea makes sense realistically. Look at how practical and viable it is. Be sure you have the financial insight and skills to handle cost challenges, legal requirements, and technical problems.

Feasibility Analysis

A simple, visual tool that helps you plan and understand your business. It covers key areas like who your customers are, what you offer them, how you reach and build relationships with them, how you make money, and what resources and partners you need to be successful.

Business Model Canvas

Figure out the best pricing for your products or services, and discover key market advantages that make you stand out. Tailor your ads, get a clear picture of your competition, and know where you stand in the market.

Price Modeling

Identify your top goals, align your marketing efforts, and outline a solid plan. Use methods to increase sales, earn customer trust, and fine-tune your strategy to maximize returns.

Marketing Strategy

Set clear goals to build a roadmap for marketing, operations, and finances that shape your business.

Business Plan & Financial Projections

Check out what investors are looking for, application tips, different types of loans available, and strategies for building and maintaining credit to secure lending.

Lending Opportunities

Craft an award-winning pitch that tells your story and highlights your unique value proposition and business model. Clearly define your target audience and showcase how you stand out from competitors with your competitive edge emphasizing your team's flexibility and reinforcing your company's brand.

Award-Winning Pitch

Leverage AI to Boost Productivity

Learn how to use AI to save time and workflow smarter

Intellectual Property, Go-to-Market Strategy, soon to include Proof-of-Concept, and E-Commerce for Digital Markets and Goods.

Built in Course Additions

Building with Red Awnings

Think of the B²Hub Accelerator as the Ultimate Startup System for Entrepreneurs

"This System is designed to guide you through the process of building a profitable business from Thought to Launch. Plus, with access to valuable resources and connections, you'll be well on your way to turning your passion into a successful and sustainable venture." - Angel M. Garcia | MBA

Entrepreneurial Development System

Customer Review

Angel M. Garcia | MBA

CEO/CoFounder - BAM Entrepreneurial Center

President - BAM BizHUB, Michael Crain Entrepreneurial Foundation

About the Instructor

Entrepreneurial Odyssey: Blending Academia and Industry to Drive Small Business Growth

Angel M. Garcia embodies the intersection of academia and industry, leveraging his extensive entrepreneurial experience and academic background to foster small business growth. With an MBA and hands-on experience managing four small businesses concurrently, Angel brings a wealth of practical knowledge to his leadership roles as CEO of BAM Entrepreneurial Center and President of BAM BizHUB, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to supporting small business development.

Angel's holistic expertise in entrepreneurship translates into tangible community impact. He has played a pivotal role in several local initiatives, notably the Midland Entrepreneur Challenge, which has propelled startups such as Tall City Brewing Co., Tex-Land Collision Center, and Pachuco’s Restaurant into the limelight. His sustained commitment to accelerating the growth and visibility of startups is further demonstrated through ongoing collaborations with businesses like Marty G’s Cajun Eats and West Texas Pressure Testing.

Angel Garcia’s journey reflects a steadfast dedication to empowering entrepreneurs and nurturing the ecosystem that supports their success. His unique blend of academic insight and real-world experience continues to drive impactful change, inspiring and uplifting the small business community.

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